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Dimitri Melnikov
Dietmar Folz
Elena Lukmanova

3A INTERIOR DESIGN is a full-service Berlin interior design studio specializing in residential and commercial interior design, architectural design, custom made furniture, light & accessories.


We have been working with all our creativity and passion since 2003. During these years, our company has deliberately maintained a diverse client base in many fields including private homes and apartments, residential developments, retail and hospitality projects in Germany, Spain, Monaco, UK, Russia.


Our current projects include private residences and commercial property in Berlin (Germany), Denia (Alicante, Spain), Moscow (Russia).


Whether it is a single room, an entire villa, or a commercial building, we work closely with our clients to understand what they are looking for, and what design styles they prefer.

Our experience, striving for beauty and focus on the customer's desires help us create a unique space that truly


With a focus on quality and value, the 3A Interior Design team prides itself on exceptional customer service and a personalized approach for every client. 



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